Janome Parts & Accessories : Bobbins (pack of 10) - Genuine Janome 200122005
Bobbins (pack of 10) - Genuine Janome 200122005

Janome Plastic Bobbins - pack of 10 (blister pack)


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Plastic bobbins suitable for all Janome machines. 

There are no generic plastic bobbins which will fit all makes and sizes of machines, consequently there are several different sized bobbins on the market. 

Using the incorrect size and shape of bobbin in your machine can affect stitch quality and could cause possible damage to your bobbin case and machine. 

Only use Janome bobbins in your Janome machine and never use metal bobbins in top loading/drop in bobbin machines as this could also cause damage to your bobbin case.

Not suitable for Janome 1600P & MB4


Compatible version also available - see below





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